Code Career Creativity

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June 14-15, 2024 Amsterdam
speakers and trainers
No matter your tech stack you will learn about:
Career Growth Leadership interviews Productivity Software Architecture UX Soft Skills Psychology in Tech AI Job Security New Trends

June 14, Friday

& Workshops Day

  • Workshops
  • JS Frameworks Panel Discussion
  • Speed Networking
  • Game Tournament

June 15, Saturday

Conference Day

  • Talks & QnA's
  • Discussion rooms
  • Networking
  • Digital Art Exhibition

June 15, Saturday

Festival Evening & Night

  • Algorave/Experimental Stage

Headliner: Rival Consoles

  • Techno/Electronic Stage

Headliner: Adana Twins


Imagine a playground for career advancement for developers, QAs and UX researchers, focusing on networking, groundbreaking tech ideas, and unique experiences. No matter your tech stack embrace this chance to connect with industry leaders, collaborate, and enhance your professional and leadership skills.

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John Romero
Talk: What AI Can, Can’t, and Shouldn’t Do for Games
Father of FPS games - DOOM, Wolfenstein, Quake
Anna J McDougall
Director of Engineering, Germany
Talk: How to Turn Engineering Work into a Promotion
Opera singer turned Director of Product, author "You Belong in Tech: How to Go from Zero Programming Knowledge to Hired"
Bassem Dghaidi
GitHub, Netherlands
Talk: Adapting to the Future of Work in Tech

Bassem Dghaidi enjoys solving hard problems in internet scale distributed systems and takes pride in abolishing organisational inefficiencies and adopting a cross-disciplined approach to problem solving. Bassem is a Senior Software Engineer at GitHub, where he is currently focused on building the next generation of GitHub Actions. With a career spanning over 15 years, Bassem worked across various industries, including TechEd, car manufacturing, FinTech, transportation and logistics. In a previous role, Bassem worked closely with some of the largest corporate customers and Fortune 500 companies as a trusted advisor. He helped these enterprises optimise their software development lifecycle and adopt DevOps best practices. Apart from his work at GitHub, Bassem is passionate about empowering the next generation of technologists. He was a founding member of SE Factory, a technical career accelerator that has become Lebanon’s leading training program for aspiring software engineers. Bassem is also an active podcaster and content creator sharing his technical and career-related insights on major social media platforms.

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Una Kravets
Una Kravets
Google, USA
Talk: Less Cruft, More Power: Leverage the Power of the Web Platform

I lead the UI & Tooling Developer Relations Team at Google Chrome. Our team focuses on making the web platform easier to use and more robust for developers, primarily through CSS, HTML, and DevTools capabilities (with some JavaScript mixed in too). We help design web platform APIs, build samples to identify bugs and demonstrate use cases, research and help prioritize